Saturday, October 13, 2012

Africa Nail Art

 Hi girls, Welcome back!  In this post I'll show AFRICA NAILS!!!
A really nice nail art that captures everyone's attention!
Warm colors, juxtaposed shades, sponge and some practice enough make this nail art.
If you like the Savannah and African sunsets then try your hand in this job!
Now I give you the information to make this nail art, if you want to watch the video tutorial on youtube in my channel.



  1. Apply base coat and let dry.
  2. Apply orange polish on entire nail.
  3. With a piece of sponge and yellow polish dub the final nail part.
  4. with black nail art polish paint the nail tip.
  5. Draw a tree trunk and three branches.
  6. Draw the bushes.
  7. Draw the sun with Dotter and yellow polish.
  8. Put top coat and we're done!

The post ends here.

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