Monday, January 30, 2012

Review Your Time Nail Polish

Hi girls! Welcome back! In this post I will show eight enamels of Your Time. this is quite popular brand, mainly because the value is good. The small bottle contains up to 15 ml (1 tbsp) of product at the price of 1 = 1,31 $ (in Italy).
Because of the fairly liquid consistency of these glazes
, often use them for technical famous "Water Marble". These enamels, with two passes become totally covering and the duration varies from 3 to 5 days . The wide range of colors has always encouraged me to buy several. Now at the bottom will show these colors on my nails! (Enamel No. 0 is transparent and shiny)

Let's start with light gray enamel No. 58.
I like the color but the coverage is not great, and that is why it will use for the next Water Marble.

The second is a fuchsia glittery enamel No. 44.
I love this glaze, but also because of having little glitter, it removes easily, unlike some of glitter glaze that give problems when removing.

The third is a sky blue enamel is No. 7.
This glaze is gorgeous! Especially in summer I use it a lot, with two past the coverage is excellent.

The fourth is a yellow highlighter enamel No. 33
This is also a color fluorescent summer, unfortunately does not cover enough with two passes.

The fifth is a salmon glaze No. 38
I tried this color for a long time so that vaguely resembles a glaze from Chanel latest collection.

The sixth is a green enamel No. 55.
It 'a pale green cover with two coats, but I was not very impressed.


The seventh is a brick red enamel No. 6.
It 'a pretty dark shades depending on your taste and pleasure and can not. I find it elegant, combined with a dark-toned makeup.

I refer you to the next post!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Roslion90 Nail Art Story #01 - Interactive Video

Hi Girls! We present my first interactive video! In reality it is a video that gives the possibility to choose among eight my old tutorials. This is the first in a series that will publish in my channel. Is simple, slide the video while watching the previews, then choose a tutorial by pressing the image (or icon). Have fun! At the next video! Ciao!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pin Up Nails

 Hi girls! I present in this post a nail art Pin Un inspired.
The style is decidedly '50s also because the pois are much larger. Well, as I often do, use a few colors, two to be exact, excluding the clear coat, white and black.  I used as a tool the brush of black enamel , the large dotter to white pois and the fine tip dotter to take root a little heart.

Extend a clear coat the entire nail. Draw a black french, starting from the right side and ending at the tip to the left side. (See Photo)

Whit a large dotter and white enamel draw pois along the black french.

With fine tip dotter taken the sticker, in this case the little heart, placing it on the nail, in the non-colored black.

Finally past the clear coat to set up and make everything uniform.

 Watch the video to have an 'idea more clear. Try to realize it if you want, perhaps even becoming Pin Up for a day! Hello girls, I refer you to the next post! A Kiss!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rebecca Nail Polish

 Hi Girls! I want to show you some nail polish, MADE IN ITALY!  Very beautiful colors!
 These polish are covering and durable! They are easy to apply.
 In Italy, they cost about €2 ($2,55 or £1,65).
 You can enjoy all the colored versions.

At the next time!