Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AVON "Sea Breeze" nail polish

Hi everyone!

In this post I will show you my latest purchase, it is enamel Avon "Sea Breeze".
It 's the first time I've glazes Avon, while for the Make Up and body care, I have tested many products in the past.
Taking advantage of an offer, I decided to try a glaze Avon and the color I chose, is a blue, teal to gray (like tiffany).

Spread with a past is not at all opaque, with two, however, are unable to obtain a more uniform color, I like it.
The duration of this enamel is about 3/5 days depending on the top coat you use.
The bottle is 12 ml, large enough, the price varies depending on the promotions that we have during the sales campaign and I am able to pay € 1.50.
The thing that I liked about this polish was the speed of the drying time (about 3 minutes).

That's all, at the next post.

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