Monday, October 15, 2012

Deborah Milano Shine Tech Magnetic Nails n°79 "Pearly Magnetic Violet"

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In this post I want to talk enamel Milano Deborah Shine Tech Magnetic Nails No. 79!
And 'one of the 6 colors straight out, after the magnetic Shine Tech in 2011, Deborah Milano has launched the new glazes with a "magnet ripple effect" that gives a 3D effect to nail art!
The name of this polish is "Pearly Magnetic Violet", a wine-colored tending towards Bordeax with multicolored glitter.


  1. Shake nail polish so vigorously.
  2. Spread a thick layer of polish on the nail.
  3. Decorate the nails one by one, approaching the magnet to the enamel still fresh, at a distance of 2/3 mm for 10 seconds (For having a better result hold the magnet more seconds).
  4. Depending on the direction given to the magnet, in order to realize unique and original.
  5. Seal the nail art with a fresh coat of top coat, once dry.

The magnetic effect I have always loved and it is for this that the Shine Tech Magnetic with their ripple effects are noteworthy.
The applicator brush is wide, typical glaze Deborah;
The launch price is € 8.50 for 8.5 ml of the product with a maturity of 36 months after opening.
The duration was 5 days, and is able to maintain its luster over time.

The other glazes in this line Limited Edition are:

  • Pearly Magnetic Silver 77
  • Pearly Magnetic Tourquoise 78
  • Pearly Magnetic Red 80
  • Pearly Magnetic Bronze 81
  • Pearly Magnetic Green 82

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