Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nail Polish: Debby ColorPLAY Magnetic Neptune n° 04

Hi girls! Welcome back! In this post I will show you one of the six nail polish ColorPLAY magnetic Debby! The Magnetic Neptune No. 04.
This is an electric blue covering from the first pass, with a brush applicator quite comfortable in drawing.
In the package are:
- 1 magnet;
- 1 enamel from 7.5 ml
Recommended price: € 5.90
- Apply a rich passed.
- Zoom in once the magnet at a minimum distance of 3 mm for at least five seconds
- Take away the magnet and on the 'nail will get a special decoration with oblique lines, horizontal or vertical depending on the direction of the magnet.

Of course it can also be used without a magnet having a satisfactory solution.
The stands Debby / Deborah Milano can be found in
Limoni, Coin, Disegual, Acqua e Sapone, Upim and all retailers that deal with these products.
In the next post I will show other glazes and Debby Deborah Milano, do not miss them!
Below you put a video of a nail art made ​​with this glaze! At the next post! Rossella.


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